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Helium Balloons

Helium BalloonsHelium balloons make an excellent choice for any advertising promotion where you’re intending to use static balloons with logos or messages on them. The most suitable balloons for helium filling are made from a light, strong metallic material called mylar (also referred to in the trade as “foil”): mylar will retain an internal pressure such as is produced when helium filling for an extremely long time, making it ideal for balloon construction. Because the balloons are manufactured in two separate halves, which are sealed together at finish, they can be manufactured in pretty much any shape and size. Standard shapes for helium balloons include a regular rounded balloon, a heart, or a star – though, thanks to this seam construction, any shape that can be made from two matching halves is possible on large quantities.

That, of course, makes the mylar balloon a perfect choice for any promotion where a company logo is to be the forefront of the occasion. Because the balloons can be manufactured to your specifications, you can have them built in the shape of your company logo: offering a distinctive gift to your handout recipients.

A mylar balloon has several advantages, in a static situation, over the standard latex option. First, foil helium balloons are a safe alternative and one that lasts for longer, in general, than “traditional” balloons; and second, using helium ensures that your message (which, after all, is what you want the public to see) is guaranteed to float. That’s an important property – a stand dressed with balloons in a shopping centre, for example, as part of a product awareness campaign, becomes a superbly noticeable and moving advert for your sales and services, clearly visible to every shopper in the vicinity.

How about a boxed helium balloon, for something a little different? Boxed helium balloons are a brilliant way to draw that little bit of extra attention to your company when sending out direct mail gifts, samples, messages or products. Depending on the nature of your enterprise, boxed balloons can be the perfect way to package orders: any company that delivers flowers, chocolates or wine, for example, will find that their orders come in a cut above the rest if their customer opens a package to find a beautiful helium balloon floating out! Helium balloons used in this way should be weighted, so they’re anchored to the floor of the box: the recipient opens the package, receiving his or her perfume; chocolates; flowers or whatever – and the balloon rises like a greeting, displaying a message or logo as specified by your marketing team. Messages and cards can also be included with the weight, so customer messages included with flower orders are received in a unique and memorable way.

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